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Although there has been support for the teaching of early reading, phonics and, latterly, early number, there has not been the same level of support for the other areas of the Reception curriculum.

Having consulted with a number of Reception teachers, I know that constructing your own curriculum is both exhausting and stressful. Your curriculum needs to cover the seven areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework while feeding into the Year 1 National Curriculum – and yet remaining fun and appealing for reception-aged children.

This is the aim of this Reception Curriculum for English schools
all the research and planning has been done for you.

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Includes the long-term plan, 12 units plans and a teacher's guide / handbook.




What's included in this Curriculum for Reception teachers?

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 Twelve three-week topic plans,  centred on each of the Foundation Subjects.

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 A year-long overview for each of the twelve themes, acting as a bridge between the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 National Curriculum.

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 Suggested vocabulary guidelines and reading materials for each topic.

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 A handbook to help you track the 

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 Models and ideas sourced from some of England's best-performing reception classes.

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 Guidance on teaching 


Plus, optionally:

Illustration of a weather scientist

Engaging and
stimulating visuals.

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A PowerPoint presentation to cover essential language skills.

This knowledge-rich curriculum is straightforward and uncomplicated to follow, yet follows a set structure to support Year 1 readiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about this Reception Curriculum for English schools

What is the overview of the curriculum?

The curriculum covers the whole Reception year, divided into twelve unit-plans of three weeks. Each week is supported by a recommended text, to be read five times a day. The units are designed to cover the Understanding of the World education programme, with explicit links to the Year 1 foundation subjects. In short, the curriculum is information-rich; effectively fills the gaps where there has been limited support and has shown itself to be engaging and fun for Reception children.

What does this curriculum cover?

The twelve units cover history, geography, the sciences, seasons and design technology. They also include suggestions for art and artists. They do not cover computing, music, PE or RE as these tend to be covered in whole-school schemes. Whilst it does not directly tackle mathematics, the curriculum for reception teachers also provides guidance for how the teaching of numbers, shapes, space and measurements can be planned.

Why would I need a curriculum for my reception class?

This reception curriculum for English schools is designed to take all the worry and stress out of planning the Reception Curriculum. It has been created with Reception teachers, for Reception teachers. Instead of scrambling to do your own research, construct your own materials and find a way to coherently link the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to the Year 1 National Curriculum, all you need to do is put this curriculum into practice. You stand to remove all the worry and stress from planning your own Reception curriculum. The themes covered and the texts used are common to Reception classes; the crucial difference is the sharper approach to underpinning knowledge, without compromising on the ‘fun’ factor. In short, this curriculum for reception teachers will make your life easier and save you hours of time all while getting your children ready for Year 1.

Are there any additional costs?

No – You will be provided with everything you need in a single one-off payment. There are no hidden fees, subscriptions or upsells.

What is this curriculum for reception teachers based on?

The structure, tools and models are sourced from my 40+ years of experience as a teacher and headteacher, including nearly 20 years as an HMI and Senior HMI with Ofsted. They are based on numerous consultations with Reception teachers with whom I worked after I left Ofsted and include proven strategies used by some of England’s highest performing Reception classes. The emphasis on reading five times a day, for example, is attested to in an Ofsted report for Starbank School: “Older primary pupils’ success is supported by the secure start they get in the primary phase. Whether it is a ‘three-a-day’ in nursery, or ‘five-a-day’ in Reception, staff bring books to life in a way that hooks children into reading’. The use of clear vocabulary routines is equally attested to in an Ofsted report for Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy: “Adults model high standard of literacy. They carefully introduce children to important vocabulary. Children copy this in their own play. Clear routines help children develop the skills they need to begin Year 1.”

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‘A Curriculum for Reception’, written by Angela Westington puts early language and vocabulary at its heart. It includes three-weekly topics which are well chosen and linked well to subject domains. This ensures that children in Reception are receiving the core foundations – vocabulary, skills and knowledge - of all curriculum subjects that are then built on in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The topic choice is fun and engaging and the medium – term planning is meticulous including: key vocabulary and questions; linked texts that are read five time per day and some really engaging activities and provision enhancements. Learning experiences will be rich and this is a curriculum that guarantees excitement, strong communication and language opportunities and fantastic outcomes for your pupils.







Further Reception resources

I have also designed a number of additional resources to be used alongside the Reception Curriculum to help set the tone for your class and aid their learning through repetition.

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