Hello, I'm Angela Westington.

I have over forty years' experience in primary education as a teacher, headteacher, HMI, Senior HMI and Educational Consultant working with schools and academy trusts.

I have taught Reception and Year 1 so I know what it is like to be responsible for teaching children to read, write and master early mathematics. Since leaving Ofsted, I have spent five years working with schools across the country to develop their Reception curriculum to ensure a clearer focus on preparation for Year 1.

This Reception Curriculum for English schools is the culmination of all my knowledge, research and experience.

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A year without a structure

Reception teachers uniquely stand in a ‘no-man's land' between the EYFS Framework and Year 1 of the National Curriculum. Reception teachers are responsible for completing the fifth year of the EYFS key stage whilst at the same time preparing children well for Year 1. In effect, Reception is the bridge  between EYFS and the Year 1 curriculum, even though there is  no such thing as a centralised reception curriculum for ages 4 and 5.

Reception teachers are held responsible for EYFS outcomes at the end of the five-year key stage but are often left  to figure things out for themselves. They need to create a curriculum that effectively builds upon EYFS and prepares children for Year 1, whilst at the same time  being engaging and fun to learn for the children.

The shortfalls in the current system are apparent. In 2023, 67.2% of children achieved a good level of development (GLD) by the end of the Reception year, which means that over a third did not. That is over a third of children not ready for Year 1.





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How I can help you

The plans available on this website have been developed in collaboration with Reception teachers, for Reception teachers. The Reception curriculum for English schools eases the burden of having to create a curriculum for ages 4 and 5 yourself from scratch. by providing you with a bridge between Reception and Year 1. All you need to do is put it into action.

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Why the need for A Curriculum for Reception?

The aim is to help raise the national average of Year 1 readiness, from the 60-70% it currently stands at to the 90% the government aims for. I believe that by building on the topics covered in the EYFS in a structured fashion, my reception curriculum for English schools will support this aim.

Not only will your classes be better prepared for Year 1, but Reception teachers like yourself can potentially save hours of effort and late evenings creating your own curricula.  This means less time worrying about the standards and expectations imposed upon you and more time enjoying the time spent with your classes. 






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