Reception Curriculum for English schools

A Curriculum for Reception
Developed with Reception teachers, for Reception teachers.

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What's included in this reception curriculum for English schools?



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 A yearly overview of twelve themes

that build into a curriculum that supports the development of early concepts for the Foundation Subjects in Key Stage 1.


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 Twelve simple-to-follow topic-plans

based on helping the children to become ‘Little Geographers', ‘Little Historians' and ‘Little Scientists'.


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 Each topic lasts three weeks.

Each topic has recommended weekly texts to read to the children five times-a-day, to support children's acquisition of specific knowledge, language and vocabulary. Each topic has a list of recommended vocabulary to introduce.



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 Each topic makes explicit what it is that you want the children to know, understand or be able to do as a result of the three-week theme.

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 Coverage of the topics will ensure that your children have covered all aspects required

within the Understanding the World educational programme.



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 The yearly overview is laid out to show how number, shape, space and measure, and art can be planned alongside.

Illustration of a weather scientist




 Specially designed illustrations

are used to engage, enthuse and support your children.






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How this reception curriculum for English schools fills in the gaps

Whilst there has been plenty of support and structured materials for early reading, phonics and latterly for early number, there has been little in the way of development for the foundations of the Foundation Subjects.

Recently, there has been a much stronger focus on ensuring a clearer progression and sequence of learning from Reception into Key Stage 1. The curriculum plans I offer here are designed to make explicit that sequential learning.

I hope that you find the Reception curriculum plans useful. They are designed to be very clear and simple to follow; each topic or theme is planned for three weeks and, over the year, the twelve topics cover the foundations of the Foundation Subjects introduced formally in Key Stage 1.








Additional resources for my Reception Curriculum for English schools

I have also constructed some additional resources to help you put this curriculum into action. 

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